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FREE SHIPPING DURING THE CHILE SEASON!!! "THE ORIGINAL" ROAST ‘EM UP! ® Rotisserie Grilling Roasters for the Barbecue Grill are "BUILT TO LAST!"


Rotisserie style cooking has been around since humans figured out to mount their food on a stick and spin it over the fire. Rotisserie cooking enhances the flavor of your food. ROAST ‘EM UP! ® figured out how to make your outdoor cookouts much easier than spinning a stick with your dinner on it and takes rotisserie cooking much further than being limited to the age old spit and a couple of tines to hold your food in place. Your food tumbles at a slow pace ensuring even cooking.

State of the Art, Exceptional Design, Expertly Manufactured. Now SHIPPING "The Octagon"!

ROAST ‘EM UP! ® Rotisserie Grilling Roasters for the BBQ Grill are designed to attach to most standard motorized barbecue rotisseries. All you need to do is utilize the rotisserie bar that comes with your rotisserie, slide ROAST ‘EM UP! ® in place, lock it in and you’re ready to ROAST ‘EM UP! ® Fits up to a 5/8” rotisserie bar. 7 3/4" diameter X 24 1/2" or 18"long.

PERFECT for roasting New Mexico Green Chile - (Anaheim’s), Poblanos, jalapeños, Serrano’s, and all peppers. Try roasting quartered onions, whole garlic cloves, mushrooms, hot dogs, sausages, brats, shrimp, chicken wings, all shish kabob fixings without the skewer, and tomatoes – just enough for squeezing into your marinara sauce, whatever you can think of roasting, this is the roaster for you! Perfect TAILGATING option! THE 18" ROASTER FITS THE MOST POPULAR GRILL ON THE PLANET - THE 22.5" WEBER KETTLE GRILL!!!

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