Although every effort has been made to maintain smooth surfaces – be careful of sharp edges. The ROAST ‘EM UP! ® is made of metal and there may be some sharp edges that are inherent in the expanded metal and in the manufactured parts.

Always try to maintain a clean grill – free of grease and other food build up that could flare up and catch fire.

Surfaces of ROAST ‘EM UP! ® will get hot while in use. Use care while handling latch and door. Leather gloves work well while handling.

Use tongs to remove chili or other food.

NEVER USE THE ROAST ‘EM UP! ® AT FULL HIGH HEAT WITH THE LID COMPLETELY CLOSED – Even a fairly clean grill with some grease in the bottom pan can flare up and catch fire! Then your food will burn and that’s not cool, you’ll have to start over.

When using a recommended high heat setting of the grill for roasting chili – ALWAYS PROP THE LID TO ABOUT 5 INCHES or LEAVE THE GRILL LID OPEN.

The handle of the grill lid WILL get hot when propping the lid. Use a wet hand towel, tongs or leather gloves to open grill lid and in handling the roaster.

Lastly, do not overload your roaster with heavier foods, as it may cause stress on your rotisserie motor. Heavy loads will cause the motor to NOT make a full rotation.  A counter-balance has been added opposite the door to set the center of gravity – (of the empty roaster) – on your rotisserie rod however, heavy loads should be avoided - if using a wimpy rotisserie motor. Balance your load!

Hang your tongs on the supplied hook on the prop-up tool. Use your tongs for handling hot food – NOT your bare hands.