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Start off with clean and dry peppers.   

Load ROAST ‘EM UP! ® with your favorite chilI, turn on your rotisserie, crank up the grill on high to start.

Adjust temperature as necessary.   

Use the lid prop-up tool for quicker roasting. Check for doneness more frequently or just leave the grill lid open. 

Roast chili peppers until the chili skin begins to separate from the flesh or browns to a crisp for green chili, or just begins to blacken all over for Poblanos. (This is for types of chili that need to be peeled, such has New Mexico green chili (Anaheim’s), or Poblanos. 

Remove and place in iced water for three to five minutes. Or remove and place in a wax paper lined paper bag, seal up tight and wait 20 minutes or so. This method retains more of the natural flavorings. Remove from either iced water or paper bag  and peel. 

Chile is now ready to eat. Cover and refrigerate for a few days or freeze unpeeled or peeled chili for later use.


   A seasoned "COLD ROLLED STEEL" roaster can be used quite a few times without needing cleaning. I use my roasters heavily and cook meats in one, veggies in the other. I marinate the food which in turn keeps seasoning the roaster. When there's just a little buildup I wipe off with a dish rag. When there's buildup I use a wire brush to remove debris.  After heavy use and there's a lot of buildup, grease, etc. I "ASH" the roaster and start over again by refurbishing the roaster; ASH the roaster?    1. Take the grill grates out of the grill, crank on the rotisserie, set the temperature to the highest setting and burn off all buildup - The roaster gets "red hot". NOTE: The grill should be fairly clean because anything in the bottom of the grill will catch fire.  2. Let the roaster cool and attach a strong metal brush to your drill and wire brush to bare metal. 3. Clean the roaster with clear Dawn dish detergent and water, rinse and hand dry to remove spots. Place in a 400 deg. F grill for 12-15 minutes, let cool to 200 deg. F and Re-Season with Crisco vegetable shortening OR filtered Peanut/Soy oil following the seasoning instructions. These roasters are "Built to Last" indefinitely if these instructions are followed. 



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 Roast 'Em Up! Rotisserie Chile and FOOD Roasters for the Grill The ORIGINAL" Roast 'Em Up! Roaster is an all steel construction with an all new spring loaded latch.

  • For use on your BBQ grill and fits most rotisseries  fits up to 5/8" spit
  • Roasts all types of Chilies including up to 9 pounds of Anaheim Chilies. Wow!
  • Roasts all types of vegetables
  • Roasts all types of meats
  • Designed for the chef in you!
  • A great tool for professional chefs and is perfect for roasting in restaurants
  • Hands free and easy to use

Are you a sports fan and love tailgating? This roaster is for you. Get great roasts for all your pre-game food including hot dogs, bratwursts, chicken wings and sausages! 



The Octagon comes in two lengths - 18" and 24.5 

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If you need help setting up your roaster because some slight modifications need to be considered on your particular grill, we may be able to assist with this as well for an extra fee. Contact us via Contact tab.   

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1. Call us! (602) 568-5191. Let us know what’s going on and we’ll then provide you a UPS account to return product. 

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